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They call it that ... but it seems to me they deal more in the accidental and the avoidance of responsibility. And true parenthood is responsibility - ask your parents. Carrying a tiny human for nine months and giving birth to them doesn't make you a parent. You don't have to kill anyone to avoid becoming a parent.

If you claim to be pro-life and are not angry about abortion, you might need to visit the Center for Medical Progress and view the videos. Because you can't stay on the fence.

Its been a while since I wrote about it, but the legality alone of abortion is horrifying to me. Kermit Gosnell is not the only baby killer - they're all baby killers. But Planned Parenthood has turned it into a business. They have gone beyond what those who think this is a way to stand up for women had in mind.

You can show me that pie chart claiming abortions are only 3% of your business all you want ... why are people who have BEEN INSIDE, and even been ON your side, saying that its a lie? Pretty graphs don't make what you're presenting a fact. Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

Heroes like Abby Johnson and Holly O'Donnell have made choices that may not win them any friends on either side of the fence ... but they aren't on the fence. They've been in the trenches and it made them cry out, opening themselves up to personal attack.

I don't care. That's right, flat out don't care if the videos were procured illegally. I'm sure you will sue the Center for Medical Progress and doubt that they are surprised. The light will shine in the dark places one way or another. I love the United States, so I pray it will be before our infinitely gracious and patient God unleashes a wrath the likes of which I doubt have ever been seen in history.

You may think we're above brutality such as human sacrifices by the Aztecs ... but we're matching annually what it is speculated they did in the lifetime of their culture.

Why, in every movie, does the older person sacrifice for the younger? You can say the Aztecs were more brutal because they killed walking, talking, breathing, "living" people ... but we haven't even given 60 million ... SIXTY MILLION PEOPLE ... a chance. There aren't sixty million people in even the largest city-propers in the world. Sixty million is roughly the population of the top 15 largest U.S. cities. FIFTEEN CITIES. LARGE CITIES. Annihilated. Unprotected. Eviscerated before ever even seeing a smile.

Yet in so many of the movies we love, the romantic notions we admire, it is those who have lived sacrificing themselves for those who have not. Women and children first is even to this day practiced in life boat drills.

No, Belle, listen to me! I'm old! I've lived my life!
My heart is broken and burning. Hot tears have trekked down my face with every video released. I don't want to watch them. I don't want to be exposed to the brutality of men; the frailty of our children. But these things are really happening and I don't want to be blind. They can't be brushed under the rug. It's insanity. If you aren't mad you need to get mad. Get off the fence. OFF. THE. FENCE. Why are you so comfortable there?

Towards the end of the most recent video released, Holly O'Donnell makes a harrowing statement. The first time I watched the video, as she spoke of imagining what these children would have been like if they had lived ... I watched my three year old coloring on the iPad. She had just gotten up, put a dress on, and come to my room and asked "I color?"

I can't get over what I was listening to at that very moment. These babies are not mistakes. YOU were not a mistake. Treating life as trash is a mistake. Denying the innocent the right to exist is a mistake. We need to stop repeating that mistake.

I remember holding that fetus in my hands, when everybody else was busy, and started crying and open the lid and put it back in. It’s just really hard knowing that you’re only person who’s every going to hold that baby. It’s weird, because I always think of all these scenarios that could happen, like what I held in my hands could have grown up to be –– and I always think about things like that, like this could be a lawyer, this could be a firefighter, this, this could be the next president. Like I wonder what, cause you can tell what sex sometimes, I wonder if I wonder at age three, if you know, she would like to color, or things like that. I wonder what it would look like, her mom or her dad? Things like that, I think it’s a waste of life. It’s sad that so many people view it like a mistake. It’s not. I mean, life isn’t a mistake. Getting pregnant –– it can be an accident, but it’s not a mistake.

She did become a three year old who likes to color.


  1. And yet, and yet... we're no better by any means... We are just as wretched. I cry when I think of how Caleb may very well have been one of those sixty million babies... I cry when I think that I could've been one of those sixty million babies. I cry, then drop to my knees and bed Him for forgiveness... all because of a beautiful apple that would "give us wisdom"...


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