Please stop it!

"Stop it!"

I forget when it started, but Shelby tends to blurt out "stop it!" when she doesn't like something that is happening. Getting changed, getting dressed, having her hair combed, being removed from a playground ...

Where did she learn to say that? One day she was being particularly uncooperative when I was trying to change her and it happened. "Stop it!" I barked.

Gasp! Was it from me!? Perhaps it was ... but I had reinforcements.

Disney. Every other Disney movie we own contains "Stop it!" I first noticed it in Frozen:

Oh Olaf ... I guess Kristoff DID kinda take your arm ...

And who wants to get picked up by a caribou?

Then I heard one of my favorite characters shout it. At her children. Helen Parr.

This is so me sometimes. Just STOP IT. Ooops.

See, when mom isn't the one saying it she has a horrified look ...

Now I was LOOKING for it!! At least Rapunzel never says it:

Flynn Rider IS a theif ...

So I guess it shouldn't be too surprising for him to shout it at the justice-bent horse.

And really, does anyone want to say anything "Mother" Gothel says? I think not.

Even an old classic wasn't free of such rudeness:

I suppose a king can get away with it.

It almost seems that the toys made a point to include it in every movie.

I wonder where Andy learned it ...

Note to self, horses and other hoofed animals elicit "stop it" a lot ...

Don't even get me started on idiot. I don't like Lotso. Lots 'o' meanness.

Granted, sometimes the tone of the conversation is everything:

When will we girls just learn to say thank you when complimented?

To her credit Tiana is being attacked with a kitten dressed as a frog.

And oh the rebellious teenager crying out about how unfair her consequences are ...

But sometimes it's appropriate. It's not wrong to stand up for yourself and others in the face of injustice or downright abuse.

You tell them little hermit crab. Bullies.

Perfectly acceptable when someone evil has your father strung up like a marionette.

I want to teach our daughters to be polite and not blurt out "stop it!" or "quit it!" when we're trying to help them ... or get them ready to go somewhere ... or wash them ... or otherwise keep them from killing themselves. But I don't want to teach them they don't have the right to say "NO" to wrong, even if it's an adult they're saying it to.

So I've been trying to teach Shelby to say, firmly, "please stop" instead of "stop it." I've even gone as far as to try to show her if you say "please stop" and someone doesn't listen -  say it louder. "I said PLEASE STOP!"

To anybody. For anything. You have the right to tell someone you don't like what they're doing. Even momma. Especially someone not in your family. Even if it seems harmless. You can be assertive without being rude.

And in the world we live in, I want our girls to know if someone is doing something they don't like, and they don't listen to "please stop" ... It's ok to get rude. Scream. Kick. Get away. Yell whatever you want! Be loud and don't stop until they are gone.

We can sort out the times this happens that there wasn't any danger after it's over. I'd rather smooth some ruffled feathers than inadvertently teach them not to stick up for for themselves when something doesn't seem right.

But seriously Disney. PLEASE stop it. Can't the magic word be a little part of the Disney Magic sometimes?😉