All these princess and true love's kiss stories have had us reading "The Princess and the Kiss" by Jennie Bishop more often the last few nights. Which always makes me realize that someday, some young man [please, please an age appropriate man ... not a boy and not a man their father's age!!!!] will come calling on our daughters.

What would we do, what would we say, if someone asked to court one of them? Sigh nostalgically and breathe out "how romantic!"? Puff up like the modern woman I sometimes am and mutter something about her choice?

One of our friends always has his son ask Tim's permission to play with Shelby and Victoria. I love it. I hope he is instilled with a respect for the young ladies in his life, and their first love ... praying that will be their Heavenly Father, then perhaps we will be a close second. So I imagine I'd err on the side of a happy fresh breeze fluffing across my face in the glow of a rare jewel.

Or is it? What IS courting? I'm afraid instead of whispering "of course" to said young man with a smile, I'd want to ask him. What is courting? What does that look like? What is the end goal of this courting and how long to you suppose it lasts?

Does courting end at the alter? I'm afraid for even many with the best of intentions (and certainly those with the worst) it does. The excitement and newness wear off. We've seen it, heard it, read about it, and fight it back in our own marriages every day.

Courting should be for a lifetime. In my opinion. I suppose for some very stoic, logical, order-phyllic couples perhaps courting seems a waste of time. But my little romantic heart thinks its just one of those things EVERYONE would like, if only they would let go and try it.

This morning Tim was mowing, and I had the romantic picture in my mind of taking him out a big glass of sweet tea lemonade in a Mason jar. Old fashioned, yes. The stuff of country songs. Many would stop right there and say its silly.

Take me for a ride on your big green tractor ...
But is it? Such a small effort rewarded with such a happy grin. The grin that helped win my heart. Taking that sweating green glass out there as the tractor motor wound down did feel like something you'd see in a country music video. And you know what? It made me feel sexy. And loving. And it made my man smile and almost nothing makes me happier than that.

Continuing to court those we love implies there is always more to know. That they are worth pursuing. That our minds can't be so filled with memories that there is no room for more.

And our God and our Savior wants the same thing. Daily pursuit. A relationship. I don't want to leave my God at the altar anymore than I want to abandon my spouse there! We don't just get saved and walk away, living hum-drum lives, perhaps even serving along side Him, but never casting a sideways glance to catch Him in a smile, to ask what He thinks, to share our triumphs and sorrows.

Never stop chasing those you love. I really think it is always always going to pay off, even if you have to chase them for a while.