At His Feet

Shelby has a giant Bible coloring book, and yesterday morning she was coloring the story of Mary and Martha ... and asked me what happened, "she a mess." Yes Shelby, yes she is.

She's so stressed out she's sweating green ...
In case you aren't familiar with the story of Mary and Martha, its told in Luke 10: 38-42. Its a pretty simple story ... Jesus was visiting these two sisters and Martha was busy preparing a meal and Mary was sitting at Jesus feet, listening to him.

Like all good busy, Type A, first born neat freaks (I'm assuming Martha was the older of the two sisters) Martha asked Jesus to chide her sister for not helping her. That seems pretty Christian doesn't it? To be helping others serve?

And Jesus instead chides Martha, "you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed ... Mary has chosen what is better and that will not be taken away from her."

Ouch, says the Martha in me. I hate it; but the simple fact is I'm a Martha by nature. Why just have baked potatoes when you can have STUFFED baked potatoes? There is DUST settling on the furniture I just dusted, better dust again!

Meanwhile two precious girls are growing up. What is more important to me; family or dust??? What do I want them to remember, a mom who was really clean or a mom who played, laughed, read, and just was with them? Come on, these are easy answers.

I don't want to ignore the things she wants to show me, she might stop showing me.

I don't want to miss these smiles, before I know it she'll be smiling at me from under a mortar board ... a veil ...

Tori is WALKING now ... I don't want to miss getting to know her expanding personality.
I'm not going to stop cleaning my house, but I'm going to stop stressing about it. And I'm going to sit down and choose what is better; He's promised that won't be taken from me. His yoke is easy and his burden is light ... He has promised rest for my soul. [Matthew 11:28-30]. Stress, worry, busy activity will not bring me closer to the heart of God, or my children.

I love this picture ... He's offering her freedom from that bowl. Crackers and cheese would be fantastic Martha.

Come and sit with me. Rest. This is how we break the chains of worry and find joy. We let Him gently, lovingly loosen them. Come listen. Come see.

God didn't paint these skies for us to toil blindly beneath them ... I want to see His good gifts.

I want to sit at His nail-scarred feet and let Him wash mine. I want to serve together with Him, not try to earn that free gift serving where it is not needed.