Hair Confessional and other Soul-spillage

It happened Thursday. I couldn't stand it anymore and just had to do it.

I went back to shampoo.

I've never taken part in one of those dramatic break-up-make-up relationships (I'm a bridge burner, I tend to disappear) but this is what I always imagined they feel like. I thought about that bottle of shampoo all day. And the shower was glorious and my hair felt and smelled amazing!

Conditioner just didn't work out for me; you could say we weren't right for each other. My hair was clumpy with grease even as I blow dryed it ... and letting it air dry was even worse. I felt like sebum was building up and making my hair oddly stuff on top of being a gross oily mess. I ended up doing an aloe vera juice soak for my scalp and and egg wash (cold shower, if you try this you have to be careful not to end up with a hair omelette) over everything to reset my locks. Then I anxiously awaited that box with the little smirk from Amazon with my new John Masters lavender and rosemary shampoo.

After the aloe-egg "reset" - already happier

Lessons were learned from my no-poo experience so I don't regret being a dirty hippy for a few months.

1. You DO NOT have to "Lather. Rinse. Repeat." every day. My hair behaves better when I don't.

2. Sulfates can be a scalp irritant. I may not be tender-headed but my scalp is sensitive to chemicals (which included baking soda).

3. Other than Jesus, there is no such thing as one size fits all. No-poo was not for me, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you.

Other confessions.

I have talked about writing books my whole life, but my "little" brother beat me to it. Part of my silence the last few weeks has been because my snippets of free time were spent helping edit (and enjoy, as it turns out) his novel. His zombie novel. It sounds like he might set up something on Kickstarter to get publishing underway.

He recommended a few books to me that helped give him the kick-in-the-pants he needed to just do it: The War of Art and Do the Work (both by Steven Pressfield). Perhaps I need to read them.

Sometimes I think that the people who have told me I write well are just being nice. I think that the lack of traffic to this silly blog is evidence that my writing is just a dream and should stay that way. There are people who have known me for years that don't know I write and want to write. That shouldn't be; it is at the heart and soul of who I am but for whatever reason I don't allow myself to be vulnerable about it even though I am about most things.

Speaking of being vulnerable, I need to find an "accountability partner" ... I had someone in mind to ask, but she might have too much going on in her life. There are some tough questions I need to be being asked on a regular basis. Tim encourages me, but the more the merrier.

On some occasions it is fear of success. You read that right. I'm afraid I'll write something and succeed and be stuck writing in that genre. Hello Amanda - ever heard of a nom de plume? Your own success would be easily remedied.

Finally, for now, I'll confess that I've jumped on the essential oil bandwagon. Actually I've been using essential oils for years - with limited success. Turns out not everything labeled "pure" is what most would expect "pure" to imply (thank you, FDA - huge surprise there). We have some Young Living oils now and I'm quite impressed so far ... Lavender is quickly becoming "and medicine too" (Shelby always says this after having a boo-boo soothed) and a little foot-massage with some Valor is quieting Tim's nocturnal nasal serenade. Young Living owns their farms, and has a "seed to seal" promise, which is important to people like us who have seen Food Inc one too many times.