One Flu Over Our Nest

One might consider it a nod to success that I am not counting down the days until the "end" of my personal shampoo-less challenge. I have no idea what day we're on anymore. I all honesty since my last few descriptions it hasn't changed a lot. I go 3-4 days before I feel kinda "bleh" about my hair. I intend to start using distilled water for my baking soda and vinegar mixes. I added a few drops of lavender to my vinegar mix ... cause I love lavender. I'm sure to some I might smell like a Victorian sachet from a bygone era ... then again if its bygone most would have no idea what that smells like so I'll just call it a vintage scent.

Take that, flu ... I washed my hair Saturday night and I'm wearing makeup for the first time in 10 days!

The fact is I haven't given a flying flip about my hair since the Wednesday before last. Victoria Grace had been coughing a little, but at about 6:30 that morning it morphed into a gasping, croupy, scary sound. We took her to the Dr while grandma and Aunt Chris to Shelby to library story time. They prescribed a steroid (three doses - after she promptly vomited two doses we never tried the third).

A few days later, it got Shelby and I. Fever. Aches. Grumpy, whiney, snotty, coughing, messes with no appetites we three were. Shelby Hope's cough got so bad, and her breathing so wheezy, that last Monday former paramedic Daddy took her to the Dr. (after we had a minor fight about going to the ER at 2am). She tested positive for influenza A.

We discovered that the girls have inherited being an impatient patient from their momma, and that Tim has a secret superpower called not-getting-the-flu. Ok, really its Jesus. I'm not sure what we would have done without him.

No one has had fever in several days, but I wake up with sinuses pulsating and the worst headaches I've ever had. I finally had to risk taking a decongestant while breastfeeding and it seems to be going ok. Tori is finally starting to smile again, and I'll be so ecstatic when no one is coughing and our noses are clear and dry again!

I have a new appreciation for our little girls' health. And have renewed my prayers who have children who have chronic disease. I don't know how they do it. It must be God.

Sickness and disease should never strike innocent children and that's just another indication that this world is riddled with the consequences of sin, and that we belong Home with Him. I wish I knew better how to show others that. Dear friends who question God's goodness when so much awful happens here. Sin separates us, and this world, from God. There's one way back to Him. And one day all of this will be burned up. And I shall rejoice over the final death of the flu ... and cancer ... and diseased, misaligned genes ... and depression ... and I pray God makes me a better ambassador for our future Home with Him.