Exp-hair-iment: Days 24 through 32

I know, I'm behind ... Can I blame our internet? The tower I connect to is usually 4G but ever since we got back from visiting my family it has been E ... until today! Whew! The "hardships" of modern rural life.

Day 24/Dec 31: I kinda think the brush I got isn't real boar hair ... it gives me electrifying static. Oh well. For my hair length, it isn't as important. I've pretty much decided I'm not going for super long hair, but rather like this "just barely ponytail" length. It suits my face and my season of life. IE - princesses Grabby Hands and Sleepy Fingers.

Day 25/January 1: Happy new year! We did NOT make it to midnight, ha ha! Ah the life of parents of young children. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Nothing to note today.

Day 26/January 2: Getting a little oily but not out of control. Have I mentioned I'm glad I did this during the winter? Tori got two more teeth! Poor girl, no wonder she's not been sleeping well. I ended up using dry shampoo tonight. Tonight? I think it was tonight.

Day 27/January 3: We came home today, then went to Santa's Wonderland! It was really neat, Victoria was even able to enjoy it at  her young age! They blew "snow" which was some kind of soap (call me a Texan, but I thought it was still pretty magical). Though it did make me joke to Tim that it was undoing my no-pooing. Why yes, in case you didn't know I'm a big dork and make corny jokes. I'm afraid in our family instead of "bad dad jokes" it'll be "messed-up mom jokes." I actually am looking forward to that part of the teen years ... being the cause of the eye rolling instead of the one making them pop out of their sockets to be sure EVERYone notices how, like, LAME it all is.

Lights AND music? She's captivated


Day 28/January 4: I'm starting to think the dry shampoo just makes it look better. My scalp feels gritty and a little itchy. I think if I do use it, it will be just to get to the shower that given night. To which Tim said "Why do it then? Why not just go ahead and wash it?" Touche. Perhaps I am going too long between washes?

Day 29/January 5: Washed last night! Yay,  no more cinnagrit on my head. I left the baking soda on like so many do, but I think it dried my scalp a bit. I'll be rinsing it out right away next time.

Day one!

Day 30/January 6: Day two is just as nice as day one, though not quite as straight.

Day 31/January 7: Tori has so many teeth! And she's so happy! Though she is NOT sleeping well. She gets up in the middle of the night and is perfectly content ... if you hold her. Mommy is grumpy.

He he he - I'm keeping Mommy up but I'm so cute!

Day 32/January 8: I like my bun curls!
Day three after a not-poo
I should have blogged more often, I feel like I had thoughts but have forgotten them. But we're back at home and the cell tower is fixed (thank you AT&T ... the woman I spoke with at their customer service number was actually very nice and informative).

At some point well over a week ago I ditched my drying and unaffordable ProActiv and started using the "oil cleansing method." I have the argan oil for my hair already, so I used that. I remove my eye makeup (oil works well for that too, I've been using coconut - goodbye Ponds!) then massage it all over my face. Then I plop a hot wet washcloth on top and just bask in my own little mini-facial. When it starts to cool off, I use it to wipe my face gently. Then I splash on some cold water. So far so good! My face isn't as dry and tight feeling.

When we got home I tried a 50/50 mix of olive and castor oil, but started getting a bunch of bumps around my eyebrows and hairline, so I switched back to argan oil and they disappeared.

Ok, it has taken me most of the day to write this. I've started reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp so some of my precious free time is going to that. I'm sure I'll have lots more to say about that at some point. Right now I am digesting it a few pages at a time. She is splaying my heart open, but with poetry and grace. There is so much for me to process ... it is a meal for savoring.