Exp-hair-iment: Days 5 and 6

Day 5 I can't really say I noticed much different with my hair except that the cinnamon smell was pretty much gone. I felt like there was a good bit of dry shampoo "build up" (though I only used it once) at the roots and on my scalp though.

Towards the end of the day, I noticed the hairline area front and center of my head was looking almost a little like cradle cap. Bleah!

I took photos but they are on the computer so I'll have to come back and add them later. The ones I took on day 5 really don't look much different than day 4 other than the fact that I didn't manage to get makeup on until about 2pm.

By day 6 (today, it's night now) I was looking forward to washing my hair. My scalp was beginning to itch, especially in the cradle cap area. I'm going to assume it was either overproduction of oil mixed with the dry shampoo or sebum overproduction. Either way, yuck.

Sorry the photos aren't as good ... I used my iPad to take them.

The length was feeling waxy. In a way it was like having some kind of stiff mouse/styling product in it. Much less static and flyaways at least!

Finally it was time to wash (with the same BS/DWV hard water recipe as before). I am so accostomed to shampoo with its slippery bubbles and overwhelming "parfum" that the experience was honestly a bit disappointing. The process that is, not the result! My hair feels so fresh and clean now! So weird how that works! I did blow dry again.

This time I think I'll try to wait longer before doing the dry shampoo. Or perhaps not even use it. We shall see. The cradle cap looking buildup is gone by the way.

We are taking a break from potty training. Shelby did amazing, but she isn't quite there yet in some aspects. I'm so proud of her! But it was an intense method and none of us can maintain that for an extended period of time. We will take a break till after the new year then reassess if we want to try that method after the recommended 60 day waiting period (and she can consistently do a couple of things like tell us where pee pee goes) or try something entirely different.

So far potty training may be the very hardest thing I've ever done in my life. And I've been divorced, taken Krav Maga, and done Crossfit.