Exp-hair-iment: Day 7 and 8

Or days 1 and 2 following my second BS/DWV wash/rinse routine.

I forgot to say that I left the BS on longer this time...

Some observations:

1. My sores are clearing up! Though I have a somewhat reddened area where I scratched at my scalp buildup before my wash. But seriously the rest of my scalp is happy and didn't itch till day 6!

2. My hair doesn't smell bad. I really thought it would have that "Hey I'm 8 and I just ran around and got sweaty outside!" smell from Day 2 onward.

3. It is getting oily, but not nearly as bad as I expected. Some creative hair doing will cover it up nicely! And I'm more motivated to do things with it. I did not expect this wonderful side effect of it being more cooperative for styling.

But I have a lot of practice to do before its gonna be much to look at:

There, have a flower:

4. I don't have baby hairs at my temples ... I have destroyed the hair with my glasses and sunglasses. Apparently the random "yowch I caught a hair [or two]" was adding up. Repeat after me: sunglasses are not headbands!

Yes that's my bedtime bun ... awkward.

This round I'm going to try to go without the dry shampoo or see if I can skip it altogether. I want to see if that cuts down on what I was seeing Fri/Sat or if that was what made the process tolerable.

Wow it had some bounce this morning!

Mommy confession: We are giving potty training a break. Both girls are in cloth and we're all relieved. After not pooping for three days despite a high fiber diet Shelby Hope has pooped six times in the last 36 hours. More on this another time, but we just aren't ready.