Exp-hair-iment: Day 4

I can't believe I haven't washed my hair since Sunday. It actually looks pretty good! Though it feels quite waxy.

I've been keeping it in a ponytail or bun and I think that helps. Plus starting potty training has been a huge distraction.

There isn't much new to report. My argan oil came and I used it on the ends ... It has a nice nutty smell and made them feel much better ... more pliable and less dry.

This morning (technically day 5) I have some itching at the hairline on my forehead. My shower cap came up last night and that part got wet so I wonder if it's related? My face is uncharacteristically dry too so maybe the skin right there is too.

I think the dry shampoo is why it has that matte look instead of shimmering oil slick.

Really expected it to be stuck to my head at this point, though I imagine sleeping in a bun makes a big difference.