Exp-hair-iment: Day 2

Yesterday was day two after using BS/DWV to wash my hair. It is getting oily, as to be expected ... I started out with it down but about halfway through the day pulled it into a ponytail. Much to Shelby Hope's delight.

Speaking of the girls, something I forgot to mention I noticed on the first day was that Victoria Grace was putting my hair in her mouth more. Not that this is desirable (bleh!) but I found it interesting. Perhaps the shampoo and conditioner were off-putting?

Surprisingly my scalp does not itch. Normally my scalp begins to itch with crazy-making intensity within 24 hours of a shower. I've also noticed my back doesn't itch. The upper part of my back is constantly dry and itchy, especially during the winter. Is it possible the shampoo and conditioner residues in my hair were irritating it??? I never considered that.

I made some dry shampoo yesterday. I used roughly equal amounts of corn starch and baking soda, then kept adding teaspoonfuls of cinnamon and cocoa till it had a reddish hue (more cinnamon than cocoa). I'm trying to decide if I will use that today since we have church tonight and so my greased head will be in public.

It really didn't look too bad in the morning! Definitely better than it would have in the same amount of time after a traditional shampoo.

Sleeping in a bun left me with some nice bouncy curls!

Alas, brushing relaxed them, and by noon they were just kinda unkempt looking.