Exp-hair-iment: Day 17

I'd say today is pretty comparable to yesterday! The unpresentable, limp, oily stage seems to happen all at once.

My ponytail is easily flipped into a slightly teenie bopper curl sinceI nixed the shampoo ... much more becoming than when it hung limp. 

Tomorrow is Christmas Day! I haven't decided if I'll wash tonight or tomorrow night. I'm leaning toward tomorrow because tonight we're going to a Christmas Eve service at my in-law's church. 

My feelings about the ways we celebrate Christmas are so mixed. As much as some want to condemn the gifts for overshadowing Jesus birth ... I still think it's very appropriate. This morning I asked two year old Shelby Hope when we open the presents and she said "Birthday!" Yea sweetie! It's Jesus' birthday!

I recently read a blog where a mother realized she had sucked the sense of hope out of Christmas last year by being honest with her son about Santa. That makes my heart ache, because Jesus' birth is the most hopeful event in history! And it is a hope which nothing can tarnish!

Even if this time of year is tarnished with loss or want in your life (I have my share, I understand how the bright holiday season can bear the dark oxidation of bitter memories) you can claim the hope that Christ bore all our sins; and all those hurts are part of the sin He conquered once and for all on the cross.

Praise God for sending Him to us, the only innocent man yet wholly Holy! Let us remind each other with gifts and gatherings!