Exp-hair-iment: Day 11 and Texas Winter

This morning I suddenly realized my hair no longer has that waxy feeling it did after my first baking soda and vinegar wash. Though the oil dripping nearly to the ends is distasteful... it's an improvement over the stiff waxy feeling.

I'm trying to make it to Friday night. Family are coming to dinner on Saturday so I don't really want to still be sporting the wet look by then.

Slicking it back like this helps had the wag it hangs limply. Seriously, it looks like I'm doing an oil treatment... I suppose you could have I am.

Pinterest hairdos are not as easy as they claim. It'd help if I knew how to properly make a bun.

My idea of winter after growing up in Texas is foggy damp days where the sun is hidden in a vaguely bright blanket of clouds. The temperature ranges from a seep-into-your-bones humid cold that didn't sound nearly so cold on the forecast to a muggy maybe-I-shouldn't-have-grabbed-this-jacket warm that sounded cooler when you looked at the weather this morning.

They both look similar, and make me want to curl up under a throw on the couch with a hot drink. Today looks like one of those days.

To reward myself for getting the dishes out of the sink, fixing Tim a "dang quesadilla" to take for Friday's breakfast, two poopie diapers, chopping ingredients for jambalaya, and getting Victoria down for a nap without a fuss ... I fixed myself a hot drink and sat with Shelby and Toy Story for a spell.

After visiting Paris I fell in love with steamed milk. Alas, I am avoiding dairy since Tori spits up more every time I have too much (one of the down sides of a breastfeeding relationship). So I decided to see if I can get a similar effect with almond milk.

It turns out you can! Obviously it's not nearly as creamy, but as long as you know that beforehand it can hit the spot. I used a milk frother to get as much volume as I could before microwaving it for one minute. I sweetened it with a bit of turbanado, added a splash of vanilla, and sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on the top. It went perfectly with a piece of the baklava.