Exp-hair-iment: Day 1

I'm a bit late writing this, but yesterday was a grocery day and when you live an hour from your favorite grocery store that's a pretty big deal. I'll have to share how I shop two weeks at a time sometime, it seems to work out pretty well (though with a 2 year old in the house we do have quick "honey could you pick up some milk?" trips).

So Sunday night I washed with baking soda and rinsed with diluted white vinegar. I probably should have clarified at this point ... but who wants to buy shampoo just for one wash? Not this girl.

It was weird. I didn't end up leaving the baking soda on my head for very long because I forgot. My hair felt very waxy. My fingers felt waxy. That is gross. I don't even use "product" on my hair but I had waxy buildup at my roots.

The vinegar rinse wasn't too surprising, I rinsed with vinegar when I was using shampoo bars. The smell really does go away.

I used my evil paddle brush and hellish blow dryer and dried my hair. Hey at least I'm not doing every day now, right?

My hair felt kinda stiff but clean. The Argan oil will be very welcome to the ends of my hair, they seem dry. Throughout the day I noticed my hair felt more lifted at the roots than it usually does, but I'm pretty sure the further away my wash gets the heavier it will feel. It seems a bit dull to me.

My hair felt fine throughout the day, and though the smell was one of the things I anticipated missing about shampoo my hair did have a clean and pleasant smell! Monday night I put it in a shower cap (I think I'm eventually going to make my own out of PUL like cloth diaper covers are made of, that vinyl stuff is all pokey and it has some nonsense lace that really does nothing for me and I'm not sure why it is there) to take my shower. I slept with it in a bun thinking perhaps that will help cut down on the oiliness, if my face isn't up against my hair all night?

It's still in the bun now, so tonight or tomorrow morning I'll give my two cents about how that worked out.

I look less than thrilled in this picture, but I was just concentrating ... It was early. I really need a haircut.