In an effort to write more often, I'm taking advantage of nap time (praise God, I seem to regularly have at least about an hour where both children are asleep in the middle of the day!) to say that I totally helped work on the house today.

Often I am caught saying "WE" this and "WE" that in regards to the house. Other than making 10 trillion decisions (and then remaking them when the budget changes) I have:

1. Held up the mega-powerful vent-hood while Tim screwed it in place.

2. Helped carry a long piece of countertop to the sawhorses and then caught the spare piece as Tim cut through with a circular saw.

That's it. I've been a little loose with "WE" and Tim has graciously let me do it anyways. I wish he could see how far he has come in the work on the house!


Last week (Victoria's room)

The color and trim inspiration - the Craftsman we rented in town

We're getting there - slowly but surely. Obviously today Tim is cutting the countertops. Once we get those installed (see, there I go again) and the tile finished in the shower we can have the plumber come finish his part. The things we've ended up hiring out were the metal building itself, plumbing and HVAC, and the drywall (it was actually cheaper to hire someone than to do that ourselves?). The driveway will be someone else, but we just aren't going to have a "real" driveway at first. We drive a 20 year old Land Cruiser - we can drive wherever we want right?

It's a Wilsonart Deepstar Agate countertop, and I helped!

And I let the girls watch TV this morning. Yes, that is 3.5 month old Victoria sitting up on the couch (propped up in the corner, but still). She's growing up WAY too fast. Shelby was too fast but whoever said it goes faster with the second was right. Actually I don't remember if anyone said that. But it does.

Sesame Street is enthralling!
In case I forget ... the trim is "clear pine" with Colonial Pine stain by Minwax. The walls are Valspar Homestead Resort Tea Room Cream, the ceilings are ... I forget the name, but a VERY light blue. The inspiration was how "back in the day" they used to paint the ceilings of porches blue to discourage dirt daubers from building their nests (I guess they are supposed to think it is the sky). And the cabinets are Valspar Honeymilk. You wouldn't believe how many shade of creamy white there are. It is overwhelming, and so many of them seem right until you get them home and then they are wrong. Oh so very wrong. Sample cans. It's worth it.

And my island ... well its a color match to a Sherwin Williams color I have since forgotten the name of. Amanda's Perfect Shade of Turquoise. It might as well be called that. I'm not sure who names those paint colors, but really?

The island countertop is reclaimed wood flooring from when the farmhouse on the original average was remodeled/added on to when Tim's parents bought the land. He's been treating it with tung oil. No, you cannot have it.

The things I love about this island won't fit in a caption! It is more beautiful every day.