Oh hi!

Hi blog. Yes, once again you are being neglected. Thankfully you are not a pet or a child. But I have an excuse!

I thought I was fatigued in the first trimester of my first pregnancy because I started being able to sleep places besides in bed. Ha! I am now a regular nap-taker ... And thanks to Ferber, Shelby is too. But I'm well into the second trimester now and feeling a little better. Some days I even do other things when she naps, like clean or write.

Yes, I am pregnant again; we are so blessed! They did something called a Panorama test because I am over 35 so we already know we are having another little girl. Victoria Grace. So far so good ... Blood pressure is great though I could stand to slow down on the weight gain. It isn't awful but it isn't terrific either. I lost 30+ lbs with weight watchers right before getting pregnant and it is really hard to go from tracking everything to not wanting to think about what you just ate, but wanting to eat to keep the nausea away. Especially carbs. Nice healthy things like grapes nearly made me vomit. Though to be fair, the worst sickness I had was in HEB in front of everyone who was waiting for some kind of sample, and I had just eaten a very unhealthy lunch of Long John Silvers clam strips and hush puppies. Thats one way to cure a craving ... Now if only I could do something about this nagging desire for a Mexican pizza from Taco Bell...

Tim is back working nights. I miss him being home at night, though he usually gets off on time now and that's nice. And I don't really miss eating dinner at 8 ... 9 ...10 at night. I don't really miss feeling like he is the first one out on the road either ... One hog incident was enough.

We are loving the church God lead us too. I could never have imagined a group of more genuine and caring people. We are so very blessed. In so many ways, but this one impacts everything.

Our barndominium is started! The slab is probably being poured next week, then the metal building should go up really quickly. Tim will be doing most of the inside himself so right now I'm not going to try to predict when that will be done ... But when it is, it is going to be wonderful. Simple and wonderful. Except my bathtub ... That is a going to be ornate and girly. But still very wonderful. We will see if I ever get to use it before the girls go to college ...

I've not been doing as much homemade stuff with the morning sickness and fatigue ... Our poor tree is up, and has lights on it, but I haven't gone further than that because Shelby has been doing a great job of leaving it alone! All the excuse I needed! Plus, I'm not sure what we were thinking when we bought GLASS ornaments. Really?

I don't have anything particularly profound or funny to say. We're just very blessed and I'm feeling joyful and content. Now if I could just act like it ... I really look more like a chicken with my head cut off most of the time (at least, I feel like I do) but Shelby's asleep so there is a hush of peace over the house that's including me. Too bad Tim usually misses this time!

Merry Christmas!