Rest Time

Alas. The glorious nap I wrote about, thinking all my problems, perhaps the world's problems [not really, that answer is Jesus] could be solved with paper blackout shades.

It turns out, Shelby was coming down with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease (not to be confused with Hoof & Mouth, which is very different and only affects livestock, or Foot IN Mouth, which only affects talkers) and was beginning to run a fever. So of course she napped, she didn't feel very good.

Since then, I have gotten her to nap on one other occasion ... a strange 17:30 (that's 5:30 ... P!M!) to 20:30 nap one afternoon that I actually didn't really want to happen at all. It was practically bed time when she woke up I went in and noisily put away clothes till she woke up.

She has her routines, and it is just taking a while to get out of the habit of nursing to sleep in mommy's lap and just lounging there all afternoon.

Due to her increased interest in climbing:

I have decided to have naps on the trundle bed. I know some advice says "always put baby in the crib to sleep" but I :-P at advice books several months ago. You can find one to agree with anything you want which kinda negates them all to me. I do like hearing what other people did/do with their own kiddos though ... as long as it doesn't come with the caveat that I must do exactly the same or I'm a bad mommy.

Anyways - I have a feeling just like she ended up in her crib sooner than we thought she would, she might end up OUT of the crib for safety reasons sooner than we though. Or at least with the toddler rail up. But really, if we're going to do that why not just switch to the big girl bed?

So the last couple of weeks I've been nursing her when she asks for it (that's a whole 'nother story I'll tell you another time) and trying to convince her to come lay down with me on the trundle bed (GASP! Yes cosleeping if you will). Mostly this turns into "playing in the dark, slightly more quietly than normal." Meh, oh well. She's safe, I get a little rest ... she's no more or less grouchy than normal.

Well, today we missed her 11am "I'm tired and wanna nurse" time because daddy was home (Yay daddy! A great reason to clap, which she did this morning when she found him at home). We ate lunch, and then after he went to the farm she actually sat down and watched part of Monster's Inc with me. Definitely tired. We tried to lay down, and only then did she realize she wanted "bop" (also known now as "boom boom boom") and I was able to not only lay down with her after, but sneak away. Woo hoo!

I wasn't much of a napper myself growing up. In fact, the only times I actually remember sleeping at nap time I was in fact sick. Mostly it was playing quietly and hoping I didn't get caught, or coming up with reasons to get out of bed and eventually being spanked. My mom told me recently she wished she had just let it be "play quietly" time.

Instead of reinventing the wheel ... I've started referring to "resting" instead of napping. Especially once Shelby is older and can understand (but we gotta get mommy in the habit starting now). If resting means sleep, awesome! But if we just have some down time where she isn't go-go-going like she is the rest of the time, I think that's healthy too. Sleep book with your charts ... shut up. I'm not listening to you right now.

But for the moment, she is resting with her eyes closed, breathing deeply, and cuddling Sulley.