Baby killer

I can't hold back what I'm dying to say anymore.

I've seen a lot posted about the trial of "Dr" Kermit Gosnell lately - about how it isn't big news. I'm not going to post any links because I can't find any unbiased (one way or the other) coverage.

Basically - Kermit Gosnell was an abortion doctor who is currently on trial for the death of one patient and alleged killing of seven babies who were born alive.

You don't have to agree with me. You don't have to disagree with me. I do not care for open debate on the internet due to the mask of anonymity. Heck, I don't care for open debate in "real life" either. I have yet to see a heated argument win over anyone's mind on an issue. And I can't speak dispassionately about abortion. I can't. I won't try and I won't apologize.

Before I go any further, this is not a judgement on anyone for their views. You are entitled to those. I won't be high fiving you if you agree, and I won't be disowning you if you don't. And it certainly isn't a judgement on anyone who has had an abortion (though if it pricks your conscience I don't know that I'm sorry). I have very dear friends who had abortions because it was what seemed best for them and the unborn child at the time. I can't imagine making such a decision and I was not in their shoes. Please do not read this and think I do not love you, care about you, or that this devalues our friendship. If you know me you know that to me ... sin is sin, and I'm no better than you. God stands waiting to forgive us all and Christ had to die for me no more than He had to die for you.

While the things Gosnell is accused of are horrifying ... (I will not repeat the details) ... I find it no less horrifying than abortion in general. The legality of abortion holds no bearing on my feelings.

I find it horrifying that at their most vulnerable, babies are at the whim of their mother's decision on whether she wants to share her womb or not. Or whether she feels their life will be worthwhile or not.

That in that place where most of us were safe, warm, fed ... their fragile lives are in so much danger. Deeming a baby "viable" because they are able to survive with assistance makes little sense to me. A womb is assistance!!! How selfish are we not to lend a few months and some stretch marks to a new life.

And as a mother whose life was endangered because of the placenta supporting my daughter, I am not going to say that I think abortion is ok in those instances that the mother's life is in danger. We take chances every day. You could also get hit by a bus, as the saying goes. You may not have intended to get pregnant, and it has gone beyond an inconvenience to become a danger ... but I feel so strongly about not killing babies (BABIES, not fetuses/embryos - those are just steps along the path of being a baby) that I don't like those exceptions. I'll admit it is a very gray line.

While I am not setting out to write this to try to sway anyone one way or another ... I DO urge you to be educated about something if you are going to take a side. Even if it is only her first hand account of an abortion, I think unPLANNED is a good place to start. If the rest is too opiniony for you that's fine. But understand WHAT an abortion is and WHAT it does before you take such a strong stance about it. Please.

If it makes you uncomfortable ... dig deeper. Why would you want to bury your head in the sand on something that is impacting the life and death of a baby, and the emotional and physical health of a mother?

In the arguments about why abortion is OK and legal, I feel like we've done a great disservice to those mothers who have made that choice or are making that choice. We've tried to make light of something that is still horrifying. It still has consequences. While abortion is legal, and some of the physical danger has been improved (except, of course, in cases like Gosnell's practice) there is not the emotional support needed. It is a big decision. It is not like choosing what outfit you will wear in the morning.

But if we admitted that, we'd be back to admitting that killing babies is horrifying.