My Husband Loves Me

Sometimes, the silverware is "upside down" from how I prefer to put it in the basket. I could get irked, and think how I don't believe they get as clean that way. But instead, I realize it means my husband loves me.

Which one is "right" anyways? - they're both in the dishwasher!

It means he loves me, because they reason they are upside down is that he put them that way. He put them that way loading the dishwasher for me so I could get in a shower while Shelby was sleeping away in her first and longest sleep of the night. He knows a shower is important and relaxing to me, and that if I do that while he does the dishes we get more time together. He knows me, he loves me, and he wants to spend time with me. So I don't care if the silverware is "upside down." Each one is like a love-note from my husband.

Sometimes, the area by the back door fills with shoes. My husband's boots ... dress boots, everyday boots, work boots ... I could think of them as in the way. But instead, I realize they mean that I have a husband.

Minus the work boots ... they're still at work tonight
Not only that! I have a husband who leaves his boots by the door instead of traipsing dirt, mud, and things-I-don't-want-to-think-about (ya know, on a paramedic's boots) through the house he knows I work hard to keep relatively clean. The boots are there because he loves me. He loves me enough to not only come home, but to try to help keep our home clean. And I get to spend a little more time playing with Shelby rather than wiping up things I'd rather her not eat.

Sometimes, I am up with Shelby and I hear my husband snoring. I am tempted to become resentful, because he is sleeping and I am not. But he is sleeping because he is getting up early in the morning to be at work. He is going to work so that we can have a roof over our heads, food on the table, gas in our cars, and so I can stay home with Shelby.

I'm really getting the better end of the deal aren't I? I don't have to get up early in the morning ... and I get to spend those special moments with Shelby and God while the rest of the world is sleeping. It feels like we're the only ones awake.

My husband loves me, and the evidence is all around me.


  1. Priscilla AndersonMarch 8, 2013 at 1:01 PM

    Amen, Amanda! You totally have the right perspective! Very positive insights into your marriage relationship!

  2. wow. great post amanda. you are absolutely right. gives me a much needed kick in the perspective :)


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