Praise - Sing!

I've been working on Shelby's birth story - it is massive. In the interest of writing I'm going to start talking about her without explaining how she got here ... three weeks early nonetheless (I love using that word!).

My newborn daughter has already been teaching me things. It's wonderful! I've always heard parents say that, but I never imagined it would start so soon.

Shelby has taught me something about praise, and made me realize some things about myself.

We've been reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible when we put Shelby to bed at night (seriously - get one, even if you don't have kids ... even if you don't read the Big Bible ... it is amazing and has touched my heart in ways 30 something years of "serious" Bible study have not). So we got to the story of Zacchaeus ... you know, the wee little man.

He climbed up in a sycamore tree ...

You can't read the story of Zacchaeus to a sweet little baby girl without singing the song! So Tim and I started to sing. We are not vocalists ... you won't find us on the stage at a church leading worship. But sweet darling Shelby broke out into a huge toothless grin. She loved hearing her mommy and daddy sing ... even if we aren't on key and don't know all the words. In fact, since then we've discovered some of her favorite "music" is when we sing nonsense songs to her about what we're doing (last night's hit - "We're in the car ... and the road is bumpy ... oh look there's a dog .. is it Charlie? Oh yes it is ... Hi Charlie ... here we go around a curve ... weeeeee ... and here's another curve .... weeeee ... there's grandma and grandpa's house I can see the roof ...")

Who wouldn't do just about anything for a smile like this??

I am usually pretty shy about singing. At church, I'm afraid someone might hear me. Heaven forbid. I often can't even hear myself because the music is so loud, but when I start to really feel the worship ... here comes one of those negative voices telling me to be careful or someone might somehow hear me over the din.

God must hear us kinda like Shelby hears us - not that we're the parents and He's the child ... but the other way around. My eyes fill with tears just imagining sweet Shelby singing ... that would definitely make me smile. I don't care what she's singing. Or if she can carry a tune.

I've always known in my head I am not singing worship for others to hear (I don't want them too!) but I've let my self-consciousness damper the true worship that wants to come out. Not anymore. I'm only going to think about my loving Father, and the smile He must get on His face when His children sing to Him.