The Dumbphone Revolution Failed ...

I'm back carrying a Smartphone ... in fact, I'm posting this from it! Thanks to a family plan, however, we won't be paying any more per month than we were for our prepaid phones (which were worthless at the farm and most any drive between large cities as it turns out).

It was a noble effort and our rebellion lasted nearly a year. Can I live without one? Yes. But they are rather fun and convenient. In fact, I found wonderful food in Rome thanks to an app.

What? Rome? As in Rome, Italy? Yup, that's right. More details to come ... but first I have to download, cull, and edit the 800+ pictures I taken with my fancy new-furbished Nikon D3100 as I traipsed around Europe with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It was an all girl trip, including little Shelby Hope ... tucked safely away in my 23 weeks pregnant belly.

Yes, I've been holding back a lot of information lately! Expect more frequent updates as the busy spring slips into a lazy (ha! I can wish, right?) summer and we prepare for Shelby's August arrival!


  1. Can't wait to read "the rest of the story" thru your eyes. But is was wonderful to have you "two" along for this adventure and that it was. Thanks too for the help we got with your smart phone - it did come in handy.


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