100,000 miles always seems so far until its over

It seems every year I hear some mention about how busy the fall is … but, at least this year, it seems winter has been busy as well. Spring is upon us! Living in Texas, I’ve always had mixed feelings about spring … I love the new growth, the promise of things to come. The smell of rain and damp earth awakening the senses even as they awaken slumbering seeds and buds that have been waiting for this very moment. But the rise in temperatures also brings, for me, a sense of foreboding, reminding me of oppressive heat that will eventually arrive for the summer.

This past weekend in particular the spring weather, with cool to warm temperatures, clear skies, and friendly sun, made me miss autocrossing. Perhaps, too, the fact that Poopsi the Civic is fast approaching 100,000 miles. We actually took her in a little early for the 100K service, since her extended warranty runs out at 100,000. I figured the good people at Honda might give her a better “once over” before it ends if I am paying for a relatively costly maintenance service. I can’t believe I’ve put so many miles on her! As it turns out - she isn't actually due (nor does the warranty run out) until 105,000 miles. They didn't tell me that on the phone - so we just paid for a rather expensive oil change in a very fancy garage. Seriously - the glass garage doors that enclose their climate controlled and tiled garage go up in about 1 second when a vehicle approaches them.

As I thought about what I have done in these past (almost-but-not-quite) 100,000 miles - I realized that life goes by so fast. Writing them out is just staggering.

Since I bought the Civic, I’ve:
  • Finished my brief career as a middle school science teacher
  • Discovered the joy of autocrossing (we’ll do it again someday Poopsi!)
  • Was involved in my first real car accident (rear ended on IH-35 just south of Riverside exit)
  • Moved to Boston and attended graduate school for a career which had always seemed just out of my reach
  • Lost a beloved Grandmother
  • Received a rejection letter for the job I really wanted
  • Returned to the loving God who always knew I would return and was there waiting for me
  • Received a phone call offering me the job I was originally rejected for
  • Watched my middle brother marry a wonderful woman who I consider my sister
  • Moved from Boston back to Texas … and Austin (which I had promised never to come back to)
  • Started a new career
  • Joined an amazing church that I thought at first glance was a cult
  • Cut my long hair off short (again, it was short when I bought Poopsi!)
  • Realized Austin wasn’t so bad after all
  • Met my (unbeknownst to me at the time) future husband
  • Lost a pet (Minmei the cat)
  • Driven to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota, gotten engaged, and driven back
  • Moved from Austin to the Dallas area, and moved back, with technically the same job for the same employer the entire time (with many, many [too many] 4 hour drives between)
  • Discovered henna and started dying my hair (from red to ... brighter red)
  • Testified in for-real court as an expert witness around a dozen times
  • Started a marriage partnership/friendship/romance orchestrated by God Himself in my parents’ beautiful backyard
  • Lost another pet (Jewel the bird)
  • Traveled with my new husband to a foreign country on a mission trip and escape to the sea in Nicaragua
  • Lost an unborn child, but been blessed by their brief time with us despite the sadness
  • Lived in five different apartments (and just signed a lease to rent a renovated 2 bedroom Craftsman!)
  • Let my hair grow back to nearly my waist again
  • Purchased (with my husband) a 1994 Toyota Landcruiser (the Beast) – so now we have the best of both worlds, a zippy sporty car with dual overhead cams, and a lumbering SUV that would see us through the zombie apocalypse

I can’t wait to see what the next 100,000 miles will bring! I fully expect her to keep going. In this time, she’s only had oil changes, wiper blades, new brake pads a few thousand miles ago, several sets of tires, 2 batteries, one wiring harness (thanks to Boston rats), one unibody reweld and new bumper (thanks to the Accord that didn’t stop when I did), one replaced wheel hub (thanks to Honda’s recall), two sets of sun visors (don’t use them to hold up the shade … they melt), one repaired keying (that happened at work, mistaken identity), one unrepaired keying (again, seriously?? Check the plates, dude!), several rock chips and door dings that still make me sad, and one mud flap (currently in the trunk) which I’m afraid we have to blame on my dear husband.

I wouldn’t trade you in on anything Poopsi the 2006 Honda Civic Si! And we will race again … its Tim’s turn to experience a new kind of adrenaline rush!


  1. made me tear up. great way to remember the last 100K amanda. love the memories. you have accomplished so much!


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