Man and Wife

I have a good excuse for being absent this time - May 7th (has it already been 10 days?) I became one with my best friend. It seems that we draw closer every day, and I can't wait to see where it takes us!

We were married in my parents' beautiful back yard among close family and friends, and it couldn't have been more perfect. My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much (and not just the posing for pictures kind of smiling either!).

Our counselor/pastor (whom we both went to before we even met) performed our ceremony. He gave us a word ... HOPE ... to challenge us to draw closer to one another, and to God, in the future.

H - Honor one another.

O - Own our mistakes.

P - Plan (for time together, for time with God, you get the idea)

E - Every Day ... show and tell our love for one another every day.

The last one really sticks with me tonight. Because I've married a paramedic, and there are certain side effects to that. One is that we are reminded perhaps more often than your average couple of the fragility of life, and that each parting may be your last.

Hence the blog name change. Sometimes, when Tim has no choice but to bid a schedule that means he is working three nights of the week ... like he is tonight ... I have a certain response. Sometimes he has hard calls and my understanding and quiet are appreciated - trusting that he will tell me what is bothering him when he is ready ... and being ready to comfort him when he is. Sometimes he doesn't get off work on time, and it is frustrating. Sometimes, we pass one another longingly on our separate ways to and from work. And I look forward to many joyous reunions on the staircase of our apartment.

Sometimes, my initial response to any given situation is not a good one. So I go forward, overjoyed to be his wife, excited for what the future holds, and knowing God's hand is on my shoulder. And sometimes, over my mouth.