What makes Good Friday ... good

When I was younger, I couldn't understand why we called it Good Friday. It was horrible Friday! Jesus DIED that Friday. I could understand why we celebrated the resurrection on Easter Sunday - He arose, He lived, He overcame death and sin! But why Good Friday? Why not mourn instead of celebrate?

As an adult; a fallen, sinful adult who knows she can never earn the love she's been shown, I can finally understand why Good Friday is good. Sin has always required a blood sacrifice. Something, someone, had to die. A lamb was slain as an offering ... a sinner was struck down in his tracks ... and on Good Friday our Lamb was crucified. Humiliated. Spat upon. The very people He came to save mocked Him and turned their backs on Him. His Father had to look away as He took our sins upon Himself. If I never received another good thing in this life or eternity - this would be enough. Even if I never even DID another good thing, I'd still be included in the flock of his precious sheep.

Instead of giving me what I deserve, God gave me His Son. And He didn't stop there. In a little over two weeks time, friends and family who love us will gather with us to celebrate our marriage. He has trusted us with the stewardship of our relationship, our friendships, income, our bodies. I can't wait to see what He has planned. How could I not give Him everything after all He gave to me on Good Friday? And how could I keep this gift to myself?