Slacker ... or not

The wedding is three weeks from yesterday! I'm so excited!!! This weekend, because of a meeting for the medical mission trip in Nicaragua we'll be attending (more on that in a bit) I didn't go to my parents' house to work on wedding stuff. And in a way, it was kinda nice to have a quiet weekend at home even though Tim was working.

Well, I had planned for it to be quiet. I ended up cleaning the kitchen, dusting, and somehow going to get an envelope from another room turned into ... furniture rearranging. We still haven't quiet gotten "Jewel's room" (ok, the bird doesn't REALLY have a room - but I do put her in there at night) to the point that it'd be a nice guest room - but at least now the sleeper sofa can be a bed. And Tim's dresser is now in there instead of in the living room. It was odd, looking at a dresser in the livingroom/kitchen.

Despite the fact that I got a Kindle for Christmas - we have a LOT of books. And we've both already been through them to clear things out. But, the Kindle should mean it won't get worse.

The apartment is definitely becoming more and more of a home. Hopefully soon we can hang pictures - we certainly have plenty to hang. I really like the layout of the apartment - it's really a four-plex. And you can't beat the view we have of a grassy, bluebonnet dusted pasture off the balcony in back. Or the constant breeze (well, right now it is more like a violent wind) we can enjoy back there in the evening. Even in the heat of summer it almost feels cool.

The Nicaragua meeting was informative. It is going to take more trust in God than we originally thought - it costs more than we originally thought. We were planning on just paying for it out of pocket ourselves, but we may actually have to hope some of our wedding gifts are donations toward the trip. But God has made it clear to both of us that this trip is His will ... so onward! I'm excited, even if there is a little anxiety about paying for it.

Today I wrote the photographer's last check ... and I'm sending off for samples/writer's guidelines for Focus on the Family's "Clubhouse" and "Clubhouse Jr." magazines. Something I've been meaning to do for a while - I have a story I need to send them.

After the wedding, I'm going to be changing the name of my blog :-) I've already got it picked out, and I can't wait to unveil it! I may need to find or make a spiffy new background as well.


  1. I can't believe it's so close, Amanda! I'm so anxious and excited for you!!


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