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Today I signed up for a account. Lately I've done a few weight loss plans, and they all work to some degree. I lost a lot of weight initially on NutriSystem - but, as always, I got sick of their food. And my aversion to prepackaged/processed food made it really unappealing. I do still have a few items left, and I fully intend to eat them for lunches. Does it work? Sure. It just isn't for me.

So I started doing the Weight Watchers points, but without going to meetings. Lets face it, I don't have all the time in the world to be going to a meeting where we'll obsess over weight and food. When we signed up for E-Mealz, we picked the "New Points" plan. The problem arose when I got sick, and quick tracking, and just never restarted. I'm lucky all that happened was a pudgy tummy and some hovering around the same weight instead of losing.

But I really need to get back on track. I want to be healthy! I had been tracking my points on an Android app - but I'm trying to wean myself off of apps in preparation for the move to prepaid wireless (more on that later! That's a post in and of itself!). So I checked out

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. EVERYTHING seems to be on there. It is fast and easy to input what I've eaten - even down to entering our E-Mealz recipes. Quickly and easily. I don't have to go gather all the ingredients and input calories, fat, etc. Livestrong has good, user shared recipes as well. (Another great place to find recipes is Eating Well - the magazine's website). My only beef so far is that they seem to have my caloric intake goal on the high side, and the ads ... there are a lot of ads on their pages. Don't click them; ads are evil.

It doesn't matter if I lose some before the wedding even though I already got fitted for the dress, because it laces up in the back. I'm not going to kill myself or beat myself up. Just keep myself accountable to a healthy lifestyle. Including my newly reinstated morning exercise! I had been doing Wii in the afternoons, but it is hard to fit in enough of those during the week lately with FPU, women's group, and how often I'm gone on the weekend. Running/walking I can do anywhere! I'm still walking just yet. Planning to start up the running next week.

Look out 4:40 am ... not EVERYone is sleeping!


  1. I just threw up in my mouth. (Then again, 4:40am and I are much closer pals these days than we were about 3 weeks ago....)


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