To Do List

I still have issues writing a to-do list. I wrote one for Tim and I together ... and I practically stuck it behind the fridge. Because if I see it, I get all antsy until it is done.

So I do mental to do lists! Yay, fun! No, not really.

Today I planned to (after work). Wait, I'll get more done ... lets go further back! ALL DAY!

Work out - DONE
Work - DONE (this takes up WAY more of the day than this list implies)
Make a meal - DONE
Blow up exercise ball - Kinda done. See, this was the first sign I wouldn't finish my to do list. The instructions say to blow it up 80% and then let it sit for 24 hours. Phooey! I was going to do some crunches and push ups tonight without grinding my knees and elbows into the carpet! Hopefully when Tim gets off work tomorrow he'll remember I said to resist the temptation to sit on it - the plug isn't all the way in.

Sew patches on Duluth Pack - SO not done! My thread kept pulling through the canvas! Ugh. I'm at an impasse. I looked up sewing patches online, but it got all complicated and looked like I'd have to go buy colors of thread for each patch - no thanks. And I refuse to iron them. This pack is going to last a lifetime, so that won't work. I was excited, because I have enough now to really look cool:

- prettiest one, sunset background with two canoe-ers. Paddlists? Two people in a canoe with paddles - how bout that?
Sawbill - Where we started our BWCA journey - plain, but meaningful
Dallas Arboretum Texas Pioneer Adventure - where the Harvey and Schreiner parents first met :-)
Lake Somerville Trailway - where Tim and I spent Easter last year, camping and fasting among wildflowers, with me lying awake at night in fear of hogs and a skunk
Dublin Dr Pepper! Yay! My newest acquisition! We went to Dublin on the way back from Tim's parents' for-sale place to get some for the wedding (and because I owe Tim like 34 of them for jinxes). I haven't been having caffeine other than my morning coffee - and whew, I was pretty silly after the one they gave us on the tour AND a float in the soda shop.

And the last item on my over-ambitious to do list - sew blackout fabric to the Roman Shade. Yeah, not gonna happen. Maybe Wednesday?


  1. this may be a little off topic, but i hate that when i make a to-do list and the items on it that are so huge and take an enormous amount of time to do are usually only described with one or two words on the list. just like your "work" item. the word count does not do the actual task justice and it leaves me feeling ripped-off. but i do like to-do lists regardless.

  2. Gonna want a picture of all those fabulous patches... and maybe what a duluth bag is... photos, photos, photos :-)
    p.s. i'm totally a list girl, too!!

  3. I am not a list girl until I get so overwhelmed that I must make a list to keep from crying. But I love all the rabbit trails on your list! And I'm with Almudena--I would have to find some way to flesh out "work" so it comprised more bullet points. A lot more. Like, "adjust monitor resolution" and "eat lunch."

  4. Jennifer - that's usually when I start making them too (on the verge of tears)!

    I started to think about fleshing out work - but I think trying to list everything I do in a day would make me cry too. Might be fun to do one day when I can't think of anything to write though.

    Emily - I'll post some photos when I get done. Yes, I need to photo in my blog more.

    I'll make Duluth Pack link ;-)

  5. oh no. no. no. no. jennifer come-lately. don't you be commenting to me via amanda's blog! how about updating your blog? how about emailing? hmmm?? i expect a little more of a dignified way of entering back into my life than through another friend's blog.

    sorry amanda...but it had to be said.




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