Three months?

Really? What happened to just "writing whatever?" I'm shaking my head in self-chastisement.

So, a recent email from a friend shamelessly promoting her blog, and encouraging us to do the same, means I'm going to post more often. No really! See, nothing deep - just boring ... mundane.

Random pre-Financial Peace University thoughts (we're about to go to class!):

E-mealz - LOVING it! And my future husband :-) I got home from work last night to find a quick and easy freshly prepared meal that we then took to The Farm (my soon-to-be-in-laws new place about an hour away) to share with his dad for dinner. It really helps to have a plan. We had both been single for so long, we weren't too good at planning meals.

Pets - I have critter fever. NO Amanda. NO. Jewel is enough pet for now. Remember how NICE it is not picking dog or cat hair off your clothing everywhere you go!

Commute. I do not heart IH-35. This afternoon I took the toll road. I just don't know if 35 bothers me enough to pay the toll every day - but it is nice that there is an alternative. I found out my Garmin can do some pretty detailed trip statistics ... maybe I'll have to test some alternate routes for maximum speed/cost/frustration effectiveness.

Aaaaand - oh look, its time to go! So ha! That's it for today. Now I have a reason to come back more often than once a quarter.


  1. ya for posting amanda!! thank you!! :) i'm going to look into emealz myself. we are spending out the wazoo for food.

    love your blog!!

  2. Way to dive back in! We are about 3 months behind on ours, too--it's just tough to carve out the time! But you girls are inspiring me.


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