Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not-So-Smart Phones and Amanda-Proof Camcorders

Well, I got ONE patch (BWCA) on the Duluth Pack … I promise pictures after I get them all on. I found some thicker thread and double-knotted it. It just takes a while going through two such thick mediums … and I can’t keep the thimble on my finger when I’m not using it because my nails push it off (and I just filed them down yesterday! I’m not going any shorter).

I was pretty productive last night. I did three loads of laundry, and I arranged “my closet.” We’ll eventually combine closets, and maybe make the front room closet the out of season/dressy closet. I was surprised by how much room I had left over once things were organized. It was still a mess from moving, and putting things away after laundry was a huge chore because they didn’t have a “place” other than they needed to hang in there somewhere. For being such a spontaneous, scatterbrained personality - my closet is very organized ... I have large sections: Sweaters, Button Downs, Summer Shirts, Pants, Skirts ... then I have them by sleeve length (full, 3/4, short, less) ... then they go from dressiest in the back to messiest in the front ... and finally everything is by color. ROY G BIV. I even found a shirt I had "lost." It had slipped off its inappropriate hanger into "the abyss" (on top of a shelf over the lower half of the closet, which I couldn't see because the clothes were a mess).

This weekend Mom, Andrea, and I are working on some of the flowers for the wedding. “How are you working on flowers so far ahead of time” you say? Dried! We ordered some dried flowers for making the “arranged” flower ahead of time (and also some wheat – so very pretty and bountiful looking!). They are surprisingly vibrant (how come they never look that way when I dry them?). The fresh flowers will primarily be trimmed and tossed into Mason jars – ala five year old Amanda picking flowers in the yard.

Five year old Amanda (actually I was probably older than that) picking flowers reminds me of a home video where I am hamming it up, showing the camera a flower and then pronouncing “FRING!” as I throw the flower to the wind and move on to another topic. My Dad recently had all the old home videos converted to DVDs, and one day while I was at work Tim was watching them (enter embarrassment, but he enjoyed himself it sounds like). That got him to thinking … we need a camcorder.

So I’m investigating camcorders. I think I like the portability of the “Flip” types, and I even found one that is waterproof (to 10 feet) and shockproof – sounds like JUST what I need! The video quality isn’t great … so that sounds like an(other) excuse to get an SLR that can take videos to me. I think I’ve settled on (after we go see them in person) the Kodak PlaySport for now, and maybe a Canon SLR later (manual focus, RAW, and video capabilities). Then we could always take the Kodak when the situation might be too precarious for the SLR.

Speaking of technology – I’m so done with my smartphone. I’ve been worse about answering emails (I see them, and I think "that's too important to answer on here" and then I forget altogether), they’re easier to break (I break ALL my phones, but I mean break to where it doesn't work anymore), they don’t work THAT great (ie – often mine is slow), and I don’t know that texting on a touchscreen has been any faster for me than the old number-pad way (what with all the typos caused by my larger-than-2-square-millimeter fingers). For less than what we’d save with the cost per month … we could get “real” internet at home (*looks around, a little embarrassed* I’ve been tethering).

I’m leaning toward pre-paid. I can hear you gasping. Yes, I’ll have to curb my texting habits (is that such a bad thing?). I think it’ll be worth the sacrifice. And I’ll only pay for what I use, BEFORE I use it. I don’t like the feeling that I’m always “behind” with my bills – that this month I’m just now paying for what I did LAST month. And I hate contracts. For example, I had no say in AT&T buying T-Mobile … but that doesn’t give me the right to leave (without paying an extravagant fee) because I have a contract. Besides, if I hate pre-paid … I can leave whenever I want. So I don’t really have anything to loose but an expensive phone.

Monday, March 28, 2011

To Do List

I still have issues writing a to-do list. I wrote one for Tim and I together ... and I practically stuck it behind the fridge. Because if I see it, I get all antsy until it is done.

So I do mental to do lists! Yay, fun! No, not really.

Today I planned to (after work). Wait, I'll get more done ... lets go further back! ALL DAY!

Work out - DONE
Work - DONE (this takes up WAY more of the day than this list implies)
Make a meal - DONE
Blow up exercise ball - Kinda done. See, this was the first sign I wouldn't finish my to do list. The instructions say to blow it up 80% and then let it sit for 24 hours. Phooey! I was going to do some crunches and push ups tonight without grinding my knees and elbows into the carpet! Hopefully when Tim gets off work tomorrow he'll remember I said to resist the temptation to sit on it - the plug isn't all the way in.

Sew patches on Duluth Pack - SO not done! My thread kept pulling through the canvas! Ugh. I'm at an impasse. I looked up sewing patches online, but it got all complicated and looked like I'd have to go buy colors of thread for each patch - no thanks. And I refuse to iron them. This pack is going to last a lifetime, so that won't work. I was excited, because I have enough now to really look cool:

- prettiest one, sunset background with two canoe-ers. Paddlists? Two people in a canoe with paddles - how bout that?
Sawbill - Where we started our BWCA journey - plain, but meaningful
Dallas Arboretum Texas Pioneer Adventure - where the Harvey and Schreiner parents first met :-)
Lake Somerville Trailway - where Tim and I spent Easter last year, camping and fasting among wildflowers, with me lying awake at night in fear of hogs and a skunk
Dublin Dr Pepper! Yay! My newest acquisition! We went to Dublin on the way back from Tim's parents' for-sale place to get some for the wedding (and because I owe Tim like 34 of them for jinxes). I haven't been having caffeine other than my morning coffee - and whew, I was pretty silly after the one they gave us on the tour AND a float in the soda shop.

And the last item on my over-ambitious to do list - sew blackout fabric to the Roman Shade. Yeah, not gonna happen. Maybe Wednesday?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Strong Life

Today I signed up for a account. Lately I've done a few weight loss plans, and they all work to some degree. I lost a lot of weight initially on NutriSystem - but, as always, I got sick of their food. And my aversion to prepackaged/processed food made it really unappealing. I do still have a few items left, and I fully intend to eat them for lunches. Does it work? Sure. It just isn't for me.

So I started doing the Weight Watchers points, but without going to meetings. Lets face it, I don't have all the time in the world to be going to a meeting where we'll obsess over weight and food. When we signed up for E-Mealz, we picked the "New Points" plan. The problem arose when I got sick, and quick tracking, and just never restarted. I'm lucky all that happened was a pudgy tummy and some hovering around the same weight instead of losing.

But I really need to get back on track. I want to be healthy! I had been tracking my points on an Android app - but I'm trying to wean myself off of apps in preparation for the move to prepaid wireless (more on that later! That's a post in and of itself!). So I checked out

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. EVERYTHING seems to be on there. It is fast and easy to input what I've eaten - even down to entering our E-Mealz recipes. Quickly and easily. I don't have to go gather all the ingredients and input calories, fat, etc. Livestrong has good, user shared recipes as well. (Another great place to find recipes is Eating Well - the magazine's website). My only beef so far is that they seem to have my caloric intake goal on the high side, and the ads ... there are a lot of ads on their pages. Don't click them; ads are evil.

It doesn't matter if I lose some before the wedding even though I already got fitted for the dress, because it laces up in the back. I'm not going to kill myself or beat myself up. Just keep myself accountable to a healthy lifestyle. Including my newly reinstated morning exercise! I had been doing Wii in the afternoons, but it is hard to fit in enough of those during the week lately with FPU, women's group, and how often I'm gone on the weekend. Running/walking I can do anywhere! I'm still walking just yet. Planning to start up the running next week.

Look out 4:40 am ... not EVERYone is sleeping!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Three months?

Really? What happened to just "writing whatever?" I'm shaking my head in self-chastisement.

So, a recent email from a friend shamelessly promoting her blog, and encouraging us to do the same, means I'm going to post more often. No really! See, nothing deep - just boring ... mundane.

Random pre-Financial Peace University thoughts (we're about to go to class!):

E-mealz - LOVING it! And my future husband :-) I got home from work last night to find a quick and easy freshly prepared meal that we then took to The Farm (my soon-to-be-in-laws new place about an hour away) to share with his dad for dinner. It really helps to have a plan. We had both been single for so long, we weren't too good at planning meals.

Pets - I have critter fever. NO Amanda. NO. Jewel is enough pet for now. Remember how NICE it is not picking dog or cat hair off your clothing everywhere you go!

Commute. I do not heart IH-35. This afternoon I took the toll road. I just don't know if 35 bothers me enough to pay the toll every day - but it is nice that there is an alternative. I found out my Garmin can do some pretty detailed trip statistics ... maybe I'll have to test some alternate routes for maximum speed/cost/frustration effectiveness.

Aaaaand - oh look, its time to go! So ha! That's it for today. Now I have a reason to come back more often than once a quarter.