Blog Neglect and Boxes

I am SO sorry, blog, for ignoring you for so many months. I have had ideas - but they have been pushed aside by holiday cheer, time with loved ones, book ideas, and a simple lack of internet.

I'm afraid I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to get internet. Well, maybe not HAVE to, but I'm going to. However, I'm moving at the end of next month, so I might as well wait until then. So for the moment, I sit in Panera Bread between appointments and ponder my pending move.

In all honesty - I do not want to move. I have a life here. I have a beloved boyfriend here. Despite my hesitations about coming back to Austin, the city has wooed me. So, I'm dedicating the following lists to Austin and all that keeps it weird.

Things I'll Miss
The nearly 100 cedars mysteriously dressed for Christmas along 360, and just as quietly back to normal
The "urban outdoorsmen" who are regulars with funny signs - a little humor and honesty go a long way (though part of me is also going to kinda miss the perpetually pregnant lady - her gestation period must be 9 years, not 9 months!)
Being able to get things like goat milk, essential oils, and fru-fru hippie food at HEB
The hills and rocks, and numerous hiking trails in close proximity
My church
Flip flops and Birkenstocks anywhere and everywhere, no matter what the weather
Less makeup, less hairspray, less sugar-coating
No smoking indoors

Things I Won't Miss
*sneeze sneeze* ... Cedar fever
The influx of "professional urban outdoorsmen" when the weather turns nasty, with their sour looks and pushy panhandling
Conversations bragging about just HOW fru-fru hippie someone's diet is, and how toxic Diet Coke is
The annual drought and its wind-borne dust
The particular odor of people who don't believe in deodorant (or bathing in some cases)
The general acceptance of pot-smoking

Things I'm Looking Forward To
Frequent happy reunions
Road-trip rumination (being alone with God like that does have its advantages)
A new apartment with a new layout
What God plans to teach me in DFW
Devoting more time to writing
Training for my first triathalon

It would be too depressing to start listing the things I'm NOT looking forward to. Besides, I'd rather avoid the "self-fulfilling prophecy" and keep my mind open. Maybe DFW has something up its own sleeve to woo me with ...


  1. You need to start posting poetry or short stories on here. I bet you'd have some really interesting stuff to share.


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