Candy Corn

It's a good thing candy corn is typically only widely available in the fall, because I have a real weakness for it. I'm not sure why ... they don't really look like corn, they are excedingly sweet, and they leave my teeth feeling coated. Their flavor isn't really anything that stands out (though one year they had caramel apple candy corn - oh my! I've never seen them since though, pity).

I have some in a leaf shaped bowl in my apartment right now, and I was noticing the other day how though most of them have a white tip, an orange middle, and a yellow bottom - there are always a few stand-outs. A yellow one with a white tip, a completely orange one, and of course the broken pieces. If there was such a thing as a perfect piece of candy corn, the model the company was striving to reproduce, it does not exist in these bags. Each piece is unique.

Just like us. Some of us have holes where things aren't filled in quite right. Most of us are dented or broken. We have something missing - sometimes as severe as missing an entire "color." But when you get down to it, we all "taste" pretty much the same. We're all human. We're all sinners. To God we all have something missing, something that makes us fall short of perfection. And yet when he made humans, he looked at his creation and said that it is good.

The closest I think I can come to understanding why God loves something so imperfect and often downright ugly - something that misses the mark by so much, is art class. At some point in school I think most of us had to make something out of clay or paper mache. It never turned out quite like what we had in mind, it missed this mark of perfection. But because it was something we made, we cherish it. It means something more to us than a soggy collection of newspaper. I still have my favorite art project, a paper mache butterly-frog-cat, which has become very meaningful to me though many would look at it as trash.

Perhaps there are some of us OCD enough to pick through the candy corn and only put the "best" out in our bowls. But I think most of us would agree that candy corn is candy corn and it all tastes the same (AKA - YUMMY!). They all sit in the same bowl, and (at least in my house) they're all gonna get eaten. I know when God looks at me, He doesn't see that I'm missing a color or that I've been broken - He sees me as the child He made and loves.