Trust me ...

Coming from a used-car salesman - its the sound of Bondo and duct tape creaking under a coat of cheap lacquer - something you expect to start dropping bolts as soon as you drive out of the lot.

Coming from a doctor - it feels like this must be about to hurt - perhaps more than you originally thought!

Coming from your investment company - it smells like standing too close to a big city steam tunnel on Wall Street - and you wonder why they think it doesn't stink.

Coming from a loved one - it is a well meant plea or promise - and you want to, but how much can you lean on what they've built? That depends on the foundation.

Something I've been told much of my life, perhaps more often in reference to myself than to others, is that trust has to be earned. And with people, that is true. It is something that it built on time and experience. It is something that withstands the tests life throws at it - and life will test you - if it isn't, you might want to check your pulse.

But oh, the wonder and joy of God. We, who are anything but trustworthy, have been given the gift of always being secure in His promises. We don't have to wait for Him to "earn" our trust (but if you need the reassurance - just look at the history of what He has done for His children ... has He done anything BUT earn our trust?). Isn't trust just another word for faith?

When all our faith, all our hope, is in God ... not resting on the shoulders of men ... we are set free. Free to love unconditionally. Free to pray expectantly. Free from our past and our sin, because He has promised no longer to hold them against us, not once we place our full trust in Him. We free those around us, we stop depending on them for our joy and our peace.

And through placing all our trust in Him, when we really stop taking matters into our own hands, we become more trustworthy ourselves. We don't make promises we can't keep, for we can do all things through His strength, rather than our own. We don't do those things that are hurtful, because we begin acting in His love rather than to serve ourselves.

We trust the brakes in our car to stop us - but a leak can render them useless. We trust that chair we've always sat in to hold us up - but one loose screw, one cracked board, and we're sprawled on the floor wondering what just happened.

I dare you to really trust God. Take all your cares, your worries, to His throne in prayer. Nothing in this world or the next will cause Him to fail. He, who created every star in the sky and hung the moon over the oceans, notices and cares about you and me. All the time, without fail. Embrace the freedom, the joy, the peace, that can come with placing your trust in the one place where it belongs.


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