30 ... going on about 8 ...

I keep hearing grumblings of aging among my peers ... but I just refuse to buy it. Sure, I know I AM aging - but I seriously don't feel its affects all that often yet. Granted, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I work out pretty much daily. I don't complain about it, or have a set goal in mind such as "When my weight reaches ___, I'll stop." It doesn't matter what I weigh - its just something I need to do. Otherwise, as the book "Younger Next Year" puts it ... my body starts breaking down thinking (via hormones and enzymes) that it is no longer needed. So I flail and flop in my living room for about an hour every day, and 99.9% of the time feel much better for it.

But mostly - I find joy in the little things. Call me easily amused if you must - I'm not sure why that is considered a bit of a slight. I'll happily sit in a patch of woods and just take in what is around me ... a "majestically placed" boulder, balanced by the hand of God and sprinkled with moss. A butterfly silently flitting about its business, not a bit worried about if what it is doing in life is impactful enough or not (though you know there is that theory about butterfly wings and storms on the other side of the world ...). I really think stopping and appreciating what is around you is that important. How often does someone say "Wow, the moon is really beautiful tonight?" and most people just glance at it and say "Yeah." Why not take a few moments of your precious time to really take it in, and say a little thank you to God for creating such sights just for us to see? And realizing that the God capable of hanging the moon and turning the tide still loves you deeply.

Probably the best way to feel 8 again, to feel that carefree lightness you felt as a kid ... is to swing. It had been years since I had done this - but funny - my rear does still fit on that strap of rubber, or whatever those less-than-ergonomic seats are made of. I'll admit a bit of nervousness about the ability of the A-frame to handle an adult - but it was fine. And really - does it hurt that bad to fall from 2-4 feet onto your well-padded posterior? It's worth the risk.

The next thing you know - the wind is rushing through your hair, making you feel like a princess as you fly backwards and it sweeps across your face. Making you feel like you're flying as you zoom back forwards and it trails behind you. And at the apex of your smile-shaped flight ... for only a moment ... you are weightless ... free-floating ... and everything seems to just stop for a moment. Then a touch of adrenaline as gravity kicks in, and you accelerate back towards the ground ... only to be caught in the arc of the path of that simple chain and rubber contraption and lifted skyward once more.

Who cares what the neighbors might think? If they look at you funny, just tell yourself that they're simply jealous.


  1. As Charles said when they were here,"If you don't see God's beauty in everything, you won't see God's beauty in anything."


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