Slip and Slide ...

I've had my life flash before my eyes twice in the last month ... both times involving the shower.

Lately I've ended up taking two showers a day pretty frequently during the week, since I'm working out in the morning and the afternoon most days. Apparently my body doesn't absorb all the lotion when it isn't given 24 hours ... so the first slip was really my own fault.

When the lotion remaining on my right foot met the bottom of my wet fiberglass, garden-style tub ... well, my right leg went one way while my left stayed put on the bath-mat outside the shower. I scrambled for a hold - but as I was facing the tile wall, there wasn't even a shower-door handle to grab. It didn't end up quite as bad as it sounds - but I was sporting quite a deep bruise on the inside of my left knee for a few weeks. And probably took a few minutes off my life-span given the way my heart was pounding just after it happened.

This morning, I stepped into the shower in a recently remodeled Hyatt Regency in Houston ... I'm thinking it might have still been slick with some basic cleaner ... but unfortunately this time both my feet were in before I hydroplaned.

Once again, my life is flashing before my eyes ... I can see my legs sprawling up the side of the travertine wall ... and my back lands on the edge of the tub. Luckily - the part that hit was probably the strongest part of my body, right across the hip area ... protecting my spine and my coccyx. I have a slight bruised feeling across my iliac crest ... and feel a bruise coming on the outside of my right knee ... (which I don't even remember striking anything, but apparently it did).

Thankfully - when I landed on the shower curtain along with the edge of the tub ... the curtain actually held and I was able to finish my shower. I did take out a couple of the rings that hold up the curtain - but definitely not enough to make me feel obese, like if the whole rod had come down. I just hope Hyatt doesn't charge me for the rings ... I mean, seriously ... I could have died!

I really don't want to die in the shower. Such a lame way to go ...