Happy *cough cough* New Year!

Staying home sick at the end of 2008, I've seen a lot on TV about what to do for New Year's Eve and the ringing in of 2009 (one second late, by the way - apparently the Earth is slowing down - whew).

In Austin, they are having something called "First Night" (funny, they did that in Boston too ... what a scam?) where they are burning down a 34 foot tall "resolution" clock. Yes - burn your resolution - no one will know what it was! I personally don't do resolutions - why wait to improve myself once a year? That's the last excuse I need "Aw man, I screwed up, well - there's always next year." Nah, I prefer the "OK, I ate a cheeseburger last night - but today is a new day" approach.

Of course, weight loss is far from my mind considering I haven't really eaten anything real in three days - and just made some rice thinking it would be easy to eat. Ha! Looking at it made me feel sick. So much for that.

On 6th street you can watch a styrafoam (yeah, styrafoam) ball drop. Wee. They're expecting 100,000. I don't know if you've been to 6th before ... but 6th + 100,000 does not sound like my cup of tea. Maybe that's just because this year - I doubt I'll even be awake at midnight tomorrow. I intend to drink my Theraflu and be comatose.

Lastly, there is of course Times Square in New York. I've decided that I'd like to try to go to that someday. Yeah, its crowded, cold, and probably all kinds of miserable - but isn't that "the" New Years Eve? I kinda regret not visiting New York City when I was living so close, so it is definitely on my to-do list - so why not make it New Years? I'm sure there are lots of reasons, we'll see.

For this year - I'll raise my glass of Gatoraide and wish you a Happy New Year! For me, it really just means I have to get used to writing 09 instead of 08 :)