My Nightmares - Public Healthcare

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been having an apple with some peanut butter for a when I get hungry again around 10am. Today, however, I decided I need to lay-off the peanut butter – so I came up with something else and it turned out pretty good.

I ended up cutting the core out of the apple, sprinkling Splenda® and cinnamon inside, stuffing it with raisins, and pouring pineapple juice over the whole thing. Popped it in the microwave for 5 minutes – and it was actually pretty good! Yes, I randomly had all those things at work. Don’t ask.

The reason I wanted to give up on the peanut butter for a while was that I kinda think it may be a sometimes culprit in my migraines. Right before I get one, I often have vivid dreams – and I had a crazy one last night. Then again, I had given my over-active imagination more than liquefied legumes as fuel.

Around 7pm last night, my brain boiling under a sunburned scalp and forehead, I decided I need to watch one of the Netflix movies that have been sitting on my DVD player for several weeks. It just so happened to be Saw III … I wasn’t sure if I had seen it or not. My sister-in-law said that if I didn’t remember the pigs, I hadn’t … (boy was she ever right, DI-SGUST-ING).

It takes a lot to scare me, and oddly enough I kinda enjoy the heebie-jeebies. So I turned off all the lights and had a nice glass of warm milk (I heard once that milk will make you dream – but perhaps they just meant sleep) while watching a horror movie all by myself. It helped that one of the main characters is named “Amanda” … though I really don’t think I’m much of anything like her, other than being a little on the emotional side from time to time.

A side note – and I’ll preface this by saying I often find God in places some would accuse me of being a blasphemer for seeing Him in – something about the movie reminded me a little of how we treat God. If you haven’t seen it – this won’t make sense. If you haven’t seen it and plan to – you might want to skip this. And if you haven’t seen it, but never plan to – well, don’t send me nasty-grams – I don’t respond well to that kind of admonition. Towards the end of the movie, John, or Jigsaw, or whatever you want to call him, tells Amanda not to do something. She does it anyways, only to find she was being tested. At some point in one of the flashbacks she had promised him “every cell in her body.” How often do we make such promises to God – then not wait on His will? We hear Him and know what we should do – but we look at the situation and decide that we know better. Yes, it is a weak parallel – God is good and that guy in the movie – well, it’s a horror movie folks. Any route …

So I go to bed after the movie is over, more confused than scared really. I might have had one dream related to the movie because I remember something about some “task” I had to do, but it wasn’t a particularly memorable or scary dream. Then I had a nightmare. In the second dream, Obama had been elected and had come and gone (apparently I was fairly far into the future). I was in a house I didn’t recognize, on the phone with my sister-in-law. Apparently my brother had been diagnosed with something pretty simple, but that the public health policy did not consider an “illness” so he was unable to get medication for it. On the other hand, the public health policy considered it a pre-existing condition and he was now no longer covered for other health issues that may arise. Go figure.

The silver lining is that there was some sort of blueberry cheesecake concoction in the fridge that I was looking into while on the phone. Maybe I was getting ready for a party? Or perhaps my body was just asking me to please eat something besides apples, peanut butter, or soup.


  1. Hi Amanda,
    I have not been by to visit lately because I have not heard from you, as a reminder that I need to visit.
    Also, before I go on, I will be back later to read your blog. However, I have a new blogger friend whom I would like to get connected to some female bloggers. Her name is Jody of Jody Lynne .
    Stop bye and invite her to exchange hosting links between the two of you and your pages.
    She is expecting that I am going to send people. So, it is not a hard sell.
    Jim. B back later.

  2. It just so happened to be Saw III … I wasn’t sure if I had seen it or not. My sister-in-law said that if I didn’t remember the pigs, I hadn’t … (boy was she ever right, DI-SGUST-ING).

    Hi Amanda,

    I have to agree. From the little bit of the Saw and Hostel movies I have seen they appear disgusting overall.


  3. Hi Amanda,
    I would like to introduce you to Novelist, Patricia Hickman. I've been 'campaigning' to add people to my network. You still have a link to my page. We don't visit much, but, I would still like to include you.
    Anyway, ask her to exchange in hosting a link.

  4. O.k.,
    I've gotten back to reading your blog. An interesting suggestion; to find God in a horror movie. I see your point, though I have not seen the movie. I feel I must congradulate you for sitting through the movie. I myself would be very disturbed in my sleep. Also, during any moment of the day that I should remember a scene.
    Vicki gets migranes, too. She drinks Pedialite, and says that it helps.
    The Obama thing is interesting. My feeling is, he is going to be our next President. It is what our country has been asking for. We, spoiled Americans, tend to vote for what free gifts we can receive via the government. This is what will ultimately destroy democracy in this country. No money to put into it, special funding (Obama's Global Poverty Act) and giving tax cuts with bigger Government and more spending.

  5. This has to be one of the most random blog posts I have ever read. Loved it!

  6. Hi Amanda,
    The apple treat sounds wonderful. If I find I have the right ingredients, I'll try it.
    Concerning migraines and peanut butter: It could be a trigger. There is a long list of potentials. The biggest possibility for women has to do with hormone changes in the month. Some interesting ones are full moon and barometric pressure change.

  7. Hi Amanda,
    Here is a new blogger for you to check out.
    Kermit - The thinking frog Visit and ask if you can exchange links. Kermit refers to that as adding you to Kermits Pond friends.

  8. FYI, nuts have been known to cause, or worsen headaches. I learned that in my vegetable crop productions class in college.


  9. Hi Amanda,
    I'm still promoting blogs to people who are willing to link.
    Here is a nice one from a lady involved in ministry.
    Click her to go to Coffee, God and Me.


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