Hurricanes and Hunger Pangs

The past few days we've been watching hurricane Ike entering the gulf and trying to predict where it is going to make landfall. I'm starting to think it is following me. I've come to East Texas to visit my family, and am already seeing the affects of the storm in the form of evacuees streaming into town.

Not only that - but it now looks like the storm is coming right this way after making landfall, possibly as a tropical storm. So in town there are lines at the gas stations, and certain items at grocery stores are being sold out. According to the weather channel - power outages are likely. We'll see - but my family has a generator so it isn't really an issue for us.

Perhaps because I grew up with family on the coast, I always marveled at what people think they need for three or four days. Certainly you can be without power for longer than that, but generally even if you are hard hit, you might need food and water for about that long. The fear of possibly being hungry is a powerful thing.

Growing up, I often heard about being "hungry" for God's Word. I guess I just passed it off as a figure of speech or some kind of analogy. Yet during the past year, I've been learning what it means to be hungry to hear from God.

When you think about it, a lot of us really focus on what we eat (speaking of physical food again). We go on diets, we read labels to make sure what we're eating is healthy, and we're picky! If you don't like peas - you aren't likely to buy a can of peas and cook it up as a side.

Yet so often - we fill our minds and our thoughts with things that aren't of God's kingdom. We go days, weeks, months, maybe even years without studying His Word. We aren't careful to set aside time to spend with him - we fill ourselves and our time with things that won't matter in even 5 years, much less beyond this lifetime.

So as the hurricane bears down on the coast - I watch those who have decided what they need to take, and those who want to stay and "protect" their belongings. It makes me think about what I really need - what would I most want to have with me in such a situation. And I'm reminded that when it comes down to it - all I really need is God.

Prayers for those in the path of the storm right now ...


  1. Hi Amanda,

    We have been fortunate here in the Lower Mainland as Vancouver has not been hit with a major typhoon recently and the big scheduled quake has not arrived, but the media states scientists say it will.

    I hope you are well.



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