Yog, I'm gonna blog

So - as a writer-in-hiding, you'd think I would have had a blog long ago. But I'm a little wary of bandwagons - so I didn't. That said - so many of my friends share the awesome things about their lives via blogs. It beats email, because I don't send it to you - you come read it if you want. I may not have as much fun as kids and home-remodels to share - but sometimes putting together a sandwich becomes a story for me ;)

Actually - I intended to do this a while back, but then I got rid of my home internet connection. Kinda put a damper on that one.

Long story short - it is 9:30 pm, and though I plan to get up to run at 5 am - here I am.

That's right - I'm getting up to run. As a matter of fact, this will be my third week of doing so. I'm using the term "run" a bit loosely - it's more of a walk/run - but hey, it's a start. I've tried to become a "runner" many times in the past, but things like illness, the heat, lack of time, and pain got in the way.

5am takes care of the heat and most of the other excuses. I slip out of bed and into my clothes without really thinking about it, and next thing you know I'm outside in the quiet morning air. In all honesty - this has become one of my favorite times of day. It is quiet, it is still, and I feel like I'm the only soul in the world awake.

God seems much closer in the morning without all the distractions and noise. I don't wear headphones or anything. I just talk to and listen to God. Part of my route takes me to the top of a hill where I can look out over downtown Austin - the UT tower, the capital, Frost tower. It's amazing that such a decent sized city can seem so quiet and peaceful - but from far enough away at the right time of morning - she is. This view also reminds me to pray for our leaders. Sometimes the wind rushes over me and lifts my hair, and it feels like a hug from God. What better way to start the day?

To take care of the pain, I started seeing a chiropractor. It turns out, I got shooting pains in my leg when I ran in the past because I have sciatica ... a pinched nerve at the base of my spine. Getting that taken care of is doing wonders for me! It was a little rough at first - I had some soreness from the adjustments - but I started noticing little things like the fact that I now have more sensation through my feet and toes than I used to! I didn't even know I'd lost anything!

This past weekend our pastor spoke on self-control - on making our bodies slaves to us rather than the other way around. I knew running was good for my heart, but I never knew it would be so good for my soul. Amazingly enough - I'm already to the point that I say I wouldn't give it up for anything - I actually look forward to the days that I run!

So I'll close there for my first attempt. I have a fun day of taking apart and reassembling a shotgun tomorrow, so I probably should get some sleep.


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