Runaway truck!

Sometimes, you're minding your own business and witness something strange.

Without going into too much detail about my work ... my department basically has two facilities which are about a quarter mile or so apart. I'll call them building A and building B. Today my day started, as it typically does, at building A. After lunch, several of us walked to building B (the parking lot there is usually full). So - at the end of the day my car is still at building A. I had to walk back.

Now, the building A facility abuts a warehouse. To walk back to my car, I walk next to a fenced in delivery area of said warehouse. Imagine a small road between two chain-link fences - one containing a warehouse loading area, the other - blocking a sharp, 10 foot drop into a creek.

As I walked by the warehouse, squinting in the sun, I heard someone shouting "WHOA WHOA WHOA STOP!" I look up as boxes start tumbling between a truck and the loading dock it was backed up to. At first, I can't tell why there is a space for the boxes to fall into ... then I realize - the truck is slowly starting to roll forward.

The ground is slightly sloped toward the creek. One of the workers jumps from the dock, and attempts to open the cab of the truck.

It's locked.

Now I'm thinking it may be a while before I get home - picturing the truck barreling through both fences and into the creek. In my mind the fence is dragged across the only entry and exit into the lot where I am parked, not to mention the tow truck or other equipment that will have to come try to pull it out.

Back to the rolling truck "It's locked!" shouts the worker. "You idiot!" shouts a second worker "Stand in front of it!" I'm thinking this is a bad idea, and I'm right. He pushes against the front of the truck and doesn't even slow it down.

A third worker, seems to have his thinking cap on. He picks up a box of paper and starts running. Now, he doesn't look like someone who runs very often, and that box has to be heavy - but he's giving it all he's got. The helpful second worker - who to this point has done nothing but shout from the dock, hops down and is yelling "Hurry!"

I'm starting to worry he isn't going to make it - but finally the worker carrying the box is even with the rear wheel, and impressively throws it - managing to shove the box in front of the wheel without ever putting himself in the line of danger.

The box explodes loudly, but the reams of paper stack against one another and with a clanging the truck comes to a stop.

When I left ten or fifteen minutes later, they were back to business as usual - loading the dropped boxes into the truck. Kinda makes one wonder if this has happened before?


  1. Amanda,
    This sounds very exciting in your way of telling it. What a show that must have been.
    I have to tell you that I noticed your blog for two reasons. The first reason I will give is: I know someone from Garland Texas. In fact, I wrote an amazing story I had the fortune of being present to hear. It is on my blog, Journaling For Growth, and is titled Seed, Produce and Fruit.
    The second reason is you are listed on the profile pages under "Bible Study".
    My goal today is to meet new Christians to blog with. I have a few regular visitors that I have become friends with. We network off of one another's blogs. So, if you visit and agree to host a link to my blog on your blog, I will host a link to your blog on mine. This will draw more readers to your blog.
    I have posted a new blog item for my day of meeting other Christians at this link. Journaling For Growth: New post is titled Blog Items To Revisit.
    Hope to have an opportunity to exchange links.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Jim left a comment stating you were looking for reciprocal links. I am as well.

    These are my theology blogs.

    satire and theology


    Thanks, I hope to hear from you.


  3. Hi Amanda,
    I read your last 2 entries because jeleasure, my husband, sent me to read your blogspot.
    He was right; I think you sound like a very lovely person.
    I laughed outloud about your episode at work today. Sometimes I think God lets us hear things just to make us laugh at the human race. We really are strange creatures.
    Concerning eHarmony, I have mixed feelings. I know 2 people who have entered into successful realationshps. However, more with the experience that you mentioned. Trusting in the Lord always works best. Pray about it, and the Lord will direct your paths. It sounds as if you are a happy person.
    Here is my blog address
    We Really do Need Each Other

    My husband typed my address.
    Blessings to you, Amanda. I lived in Denton for a brief time.

  4. O.k., Jim and I have added you to our blogs.
    Jim has a second blog that he does not work on. He will add you to that as well. His reason for not doing any more work on it is that he wrote it as a manuscript and decided to publish it for everyone on blogspot. It is Love One Another.

    Has all of this attention made you tired yet? Let's see, you have to reply a comment to Russ, Jim and myself. Then you have to add a link from Russ' two blogs, Jim's two blogs and Vicki's. Then, I am quite certain that Tamela will visit you soon. I DID NOT WRITE THIS LAST PARAGRAPH. JIM DID! HE IS ALWAYS A JOKER. JUST LOOK AT THE COON SKIN HAT HE PUT ON HIS DOG.

  5. Thanks Amanda and Jim.

    I will add you twice, Amanda.


  6. Hi Amanda,
    I have added you to this blog also Love One Another

    I'll give you a break now. Have a good night.


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