Computers and headaches

I found out last year that the thankfully rare, but severe headaches I tend to get are - in fact - migraines. For the past few weeks, I've had one trying to come on and it finally got me on Thursday.

The strangest thing about mine is that if I'm really still and quiet - it doesn't hurt. But I see loud noises (and my definition of loud becomes over-sensitive). My sleep is riddled with strange dreams that don't make sense - or at least, that make less sense than the typical nonsense I dream about.

Part of me thinks I might get these in August as some kind of residual "back-to-school" stress. Having been a student and teacher for several years, I used to get stressed towards the end of August. The dreams lead me to think there is a little bit to this.

In one of them, I was waiting in line to register for a dorm ... but they had you standing on such a narrow ledge that you were constantly falling backwards (if you fell off, you had to start at the back of the line again). My arms were full of books and things, so it was pretty difficult to hold on, and the staff weren't exactly being friendly and cooperative.

Another dream had something to do with my computer acting up. If you ask me, a computer is generally a headache as it is. I've been hearing bad things about the latest "security update" from Microsoft, so when it popped up on my computer I told it to wait. I went to back everything up, only to discover that the thing I've been backing them up to is now too small. So the "essential" update I've lived without for several years will have to wait.

When those "Hi, I'm a Mac" - "And I'm a PC" commercials first came out, I didn't like them. I didn't care for the "young hip" guy, and didn't like the portrayal of the PC. Perhaps I was taking it a bit personally.

But lately - they've started making sense. Especially the one where PC is sitting on a throne, and Mac has a helper to help you move your files to your new Mac computer. The last year or so, I've always said next time I need a computer - I'm walking into the Apple store and telling them they have 15 minutes to teach me to use the thing (with its backwards window closing button things) and I'll abandon Microsoft.

Send some prayers to the Gulf Coast this weekend - Gustav sounds like it is going to be bad. I know the coast is more prepared this time, but it is still devastating - especially with it bearing down on areas that are still trying to recover from Katrina almost exactly 3 years ago.


  1. Very cool imagination for being asleep.
    Vicki and I were laughing at the falling off of the narrow ledge part and having to start at the back of the line.


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