A Case of the Mondays

Yesterday was Monday - and boy was it ever! I don't usually feel the blahs on a Monday, but I guess something about too many people in two small of a space at the beginning of the week in the dog days of summer brought them on.

Sometimes a culmination of weird events, tense coworkers, and female hormones can just ruin what started out as a great morning. I added 5 seconds of time spent running to each running section of my morning "run/walk," I didn't leave my coffee sitting on the counter, and my apartment was sparkling clean from a nice scrub over the weekend. As a matter of fact, other than a disposal scare - the weekend was great.

Sunday afternoon I decided to boil some eggs for lunch. After peeling the shell off, I was shoving them into the disposal in order to grind them into oblivion - and my dad always said the shells help clean the blades. As I retracted my hand through the disgusting rubber collar in the drain (you know what I'm talking about) my Aggie ring slipped right off my finger. Now, in some ways this isn't a horrible thing. Like my pants, my rings are getting looser lately - I'm losing weight - great! My precious Aggie ring lying in the disposal, not great!

Wincing, I put my hand back in to feel among the shell and blades for my ring. Even though I live alone, and have never once heard my disposal suddenly start up on its own in the middle of the night - something about having my hand down in there makes me feel panicked. Nevermind that I had been listening to classical music on the radio while cooking, and at this moment a rather allegro piece had started - it's one of those I'm sure you'd recognize, but which I do not know the name of.

The song only ratchets my feeling of urgency up a notch as my fingers probe between blades. When I finally feel the ring, my heart is thudding as if I've just narrowly escape a brush with death! Visions like a horror film have been flashing through my head ... a dark night, a young woman making a snack, and the lights flashing as she lets loose a blood curdling scream - her hand trapped in the disposal. Though I've actually never heard of anyone's hand getting chewed up in a disposal ...

So I'll attribute that weird thing to part of Monday being so Monday. The second weird thing? Spontaneously exploding veggies at lunch. Probably the most unexpected thing I've ever had happen involving food. I had microwaved some formerly frozen mixed vegetables in a Pyrex container - I do it on an almost daily basis. Returning to my desk, I set the bowl down and put the lid loosely on top to wait for it to cool.

A few minutes later, BAM! And not a dash of Essence BAM ... but BAM, hot steam and a couple of snap peas smack my wrist.

My only theory is that as the dish cooled, the lid was sucking down onto the top. It finally sunk far enough that the lip started to roll over, and much like those plastic disks you play with as a kid (you flip them over, they pop up off the table a moment later?) ... it flipped. The lid is a bit concave in shape, where it used to be flat ... so that's what I'm basing this theory on.

The suddenness and strange hilarity of it seemed to break the Monday curse though, and I made it through the day with only one weird teary-eyed moment.

Thank goodness its Tuesday!


  1. I always worry that the disposal will spontaneously turn on when my hands down in it too!!
    Hasn't happened yet!


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